• From The Superintendent:

    The Mary M. Knight staff met with the purpose of building a positive culture focused on our students. High performing districts rely on a common culture focused on students to shape collective action. 
    We reviewed our mission and vision and developed collective commitments. Collective commitments describe how we intend to operate on a day-to-day basis.

    Mission (our purpose):
    Our Mission is to ensure that all students have the knowledge, skills, motivation and confidence to be successful citizens.

     Vision (who we must become):
    We are a community of learners and leaders, united to enrich the lives of all our students.

     Collective Commitments:
    We will know each student, know their strengths, and will help them believe that they can achieve.
    We will create a safe environment for student learning and adult working.
    We will work collaboratively and communicate effectively.
    We will increase interactions between community and school.
    We will know our impact by continuously trying ideas, monitoring how they work, celebrating successes, and applying what we learn.
    It is a pleasure to work with the Mary M. Knight team. 

  • Mary M. Knight Our History
    Our founder, Mary M. Knight

    Mary M. Knight was born Mary Miranda Dunbar in Southern Michigan in 1854.  She attended high school in Eaton Rapids, Michigan and began her career as an educator at the age of 16.  After completing an apprenticeship by teaching several terms, she moved with her family to Huron, South Dakota, where she continued teaching.  At age 22 she returned to Eaton Rapids and married another educator, Marcus F. Knight on June 29, 1876.  She and her husband had known each other since high school.  The Knights remained in Michigan until 1890 when they decided to move to Shelton, Washington. 

    Mary immediately started teaching in Shelton, where she remained for five years before moving to Bellingham, Washington, where she lived for four years.  In Bellingham, both Marcus and Mary were educators, and so were their two daughters.  Mary M. Knight then entered politics as a candidate of the Democratic/Populist Party.  She was elected as the Mason County Superintendent of Schools. 

    Mary served as Superintendent of Mason County Schools for 18 years.  During that time she worked diligently to get the five small school districts along the Western border of Mason County to consolidate.  One new larger school district could offer students far more than five smaller school districts could.  Eventually, consolidation occured and the new school district was built in 1924.  The new school district was named Mary M. Knight School District #311 in honor of the former Superintendent of Mason County Schools who had worked so hard on their behalf.

    Mary M. Knight died in Seattle, Washington on January 31, 1940 at the age of 86.


    * Mary M. Knight School District is committed to a harassment and bully free educational experience.  Please fill out this form and send it to our Administration if you are experiencing any issues.

    Mary M. Knight School has established the following guidelines for parents/guardians or students wishing to address concerns. Please comply with the following procedures:

    1. First, speak with the teacher or staff involved.
    2. Second, speak with the building principal and complete a complaint against employee form.  
    ​3. Third, speak with the Superintendent.
    ​4. Last, if there is still no resolution, ask to address the School Board of Directors at their next regularly scheduled meeting.
    ​5. If there is still no resolution, you may choose to access this link  to the OSPI website where you can find information on how to file a citizen complaint.

    To request special education records please contact Lewis County Special Education Co-op 360-748-3384  or fax 360-748-8360.
    Please send Special Education Records to Lewis County Special Education Co-op 360-748-3383 or fax 360-748-8360.

    Are you a family in a transitional housing arrangement; such as staying with family, living in a shelter / motel / vehicle?  Please click here to read about your rights and responsibilities and how to get help with your situation.  Our district homeless coordinator is superintendent Matt Mallery.  Please call him at 360-426-6767 for more information.