• From The Superintendent:

    The Mary M. Knight staff met with the purpose of building a positive culture focused on our students. High performing districts rely on a common culture focused on students to shape collective action. 
    We reviewed our mission and vision and developed collective commitments. Collective commitments describe how we intend to operate on a day-to-day basis.

    Mission (our purpose):
    Our Mission is to ensure that all students have the knowledge, skills, motivation and confidence to be successful citizens.

    Vision (who we must become):
    We are a community of learners and leaders, united to enrich the lives of all our students.

    Collective Commitments:
    We will know each student, know their strengths, and will help them believe that they can achieve.
    We will create a safe environment for student learning and adult working.
    We will work collaboratively and communicate effectively.
    We will increase interactions between community and school.
    We will know our impact by continuously trying ideas, monitoring how they work, celebrating successes, and applying what we learn.
    It is a pleasure to work with the Mary M. Knight team. 

    Mary M. Knight School District Policies & Procedures