• Two Year School Education Enrichment Levy


    In February 11, 2020 you will see a two-year Enrichment Levy request from MMK on the ballot.

    This is not a new tax, but a request to replace the current Enrichment Levy.  

    Following the legislative session in the spring of 2019, the legislature allowed school districts a rate change from a maximum collection rate of $1.50 per $1,000 up to maximum of $2.50 per $1,000.

    Here are a few things that have changed over the years:

    • The Levy will now be called an Enrichment Levy. Historically, this levy was known as the Maintenance & Operation Levy (M&O Levy).
    • This levy is used to fund programs, staff, facilities, etc. not covered by the State.

    Following the McCleary Ruling the State will adjust how they fund schools.

    • Each school district will be limited to how much they can ask from their voters. In previous years the school would ask for a dollar amount and an estimated rate per $1,000 on that dollar amount.  Now the school will ask for the rate of $2.50 and estimate the levy amount by the appraised value.

    Our previous levy was approved by you (the voter’s) for $505,862 at a rate of $3.09 per $1,000 of assessed valuation.  Due to the various legislative changes noted above, in 2019 we received $287,383 at a rate of $1.50 and the 2020 levy will be at $2.50 for an estimated amount of $439,254.  Each year of the last Enrichment Levy collected by the district was less than the original voter approved amounts.

    Due to the unknown changes ahead we will be seeking a replacement levy of $560,397.11 for the 2021 and $655,664.62 for the 2022 taxes.  The rate per $1,000 to be $2.50 per year, based on current legislative ruling.   The funds will go to fund athletics, technology, facilities, food service, Special Education, etc. 

    The collection rate that the MMK Board of Directors have set for this ballot is less than what the voters had approved in prior years. 

    A flyer will be going out in mid to late January with additional information.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 360-426-6767 ext 102. 

    I would like to thank each of you on behalf our students for your continued support of our school, students, and programs.  

    Matt Mallery



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